I photograph to describe and at once pose questions.  Detail is a very important aspect of my work, as well as a level of uncertainty.  A search for something that never materializes, a silent dialog between subject and photographer, a very intimate moment that is internally acknowledged, yet quickly discarded.  Ultimately, my aim is to have this internal dialogue resonate with the viewer, confronting them in a way that forces them to stare back.

The use of a 6×6 camera is essential to my photographic process.  The medium format is very versatile, allowing for great detail, yet not sacrificing speed or mobility.  By looking down to photograph, the subject becomes less aware of when the photograph is going to be taken, allowing them the opportunity to slow down.

Certain inaccessible groups attract me.  The exclusivity and intrigue behind them is what I find so exciting, yet at the same time a familiar comfort being among them.  Through these photographs, the viewer is given access to these private groups that would otherwise not be available to them.

Christiaan Lopez-Miro

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